The FIREBOWL combines a fire bowl, grill, pan, pizza oven and design element - and makes barbecuing to an experience.

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You can grill directly on the 10 mm steel plate without a lot of "frills".
In contrast to a wire rack, the dishes are prepared more gently and aromatic.
Different temperature zones are created on the plate, in which every food to be grilled finds its ideal place.
Pizza or bread can be baked on the intermediate shelf.
Of course, you can also cook with a pan, a wok or the Dutch Oven.
DIE GRILLKUGEL raises the outdoor grilling experience to a new level and ensures successful evenings by the fire.

PLANCHA - Fireplate

A grill plate offers a special and flexible way of grilling.

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The function is the same for all grill plates, because here it is not grilled on a conventional grill grate, but on a steel plate.
In this way, dishes can be prepared more gently and aromatic and the grill plate is much more flexible in terms of its uses.
Different temperature zones are created on the plate and so there is the ideal temperature for every food to be grilled, from searing in the middle of the plate to keeping it warm on the edge.
We don't get involved in any Amazon price wars and have therefore specialized in custom-made products and customer-specific requests, because everyone can do standard!


Garden fireplaces and patio stoves create a cozy atmosphere.

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So you can easily create a cozy atmosphere in your garden and on the terrace even on cool summer nights, on autumn evenings or in winter.
In addition to standard products, we manufacture individual solutions according to customer requirements.
The special choice of materials and an eye for detail make the difference.
So you can enjoy your time as a couple, with friends or family even more.

Nichts passendes?
Nothing suitable?

Grill, fire bowl, outdoor kitchen, plancha, and much more ...

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Do you have an idea or do you already have a precise idea?
We would be happy to plan 3D CAD based on your ideas and manufacture an individual piece.

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